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Pilates vs Clinical Pilates

We often get asked what the difference is between regular/fitness (mat) Pilates classes and our Clinical Pilates consultations. And it’s no wonder, the word ‘Pilates’ has become used by so many different businesses, each with varying degrees of quality.

We have seen Pilates classes with mass fitness reformers in gyms, mats on the floors of workplaces or community centers and personal training centers as well as studios like ours with equipment such as Trapeze, Reformers, Wobble Board, Thoracic Barrel and Foam Wedge!

But what does all of this mean and how do you know which type of class is best for you?

Clinical Pilates [checklist style=”4″]

  • Physiotherapist instructor who is also Clinical Pilates trained.
  • Individual Program based on Physiotherapy Principles
  • Initial consultation to assess injury history, your body’s preferred movement pattern, and your goals
  • Physiotherapy treatment can be incorporated into the program
  • Specific changes can be made to your Clinical Pilates program if an injury flares up based on Physiotherapy knowledge
  • Ideal for rehabilitating after injury, surgery or pregnancy and reducing pain by correcting poor mechanics that underlie injury causes
  • Reformer-based equipment which allows for greater control and quality of movement
  • Sessions are private or small groups[/checklist]

Fitness Pilates[checklist style=”4″]

  • Usually, the instructors are Personal Trainers who are also Pilates trained
  • No individual physical assessment
  • Great for increasing overall core strength, fitness and flexibility
  • Generally, everyone in the class does the same exercises
  • Limited tailoring of programs and not specific to your body’s preferred movement patterns
  • Large number of people in the class[/checklist]

Clinical Pilates is specific to you. pilates vs clinical pilates perth

As Physiotherapist’s, we have an in-depth knowledge of injury, healing and
movement patterns. We ensure your Clinical Pilates exercises will be the most effective for you.

Our Clinical Pilates programs provide faster and long-term results. Your program is specific to you, with individual exercises for what your body needs.

You can choose either private or small group classes (up to 4 people), six days per week. We use the latest Clinical Pilates equipment, such as trapeze and reformers in our spacious Nedlands studio.

Book your Clinical Pilates Initial Assessment now or call (08) 6389 2947.