Jane Leslie, Physiotherapist Nedlands

Jane Leslie Physio Nedlands“I love that physio is a tangible way of working human to human. We are losing that connection in a lot of fields of work now. The widespread acceptance of a bio-psychosocial approach to pain management in more recent times has given even more support to the importance of the therapist-client relationship. The direction modern physiotherapy has taken in treating the client as a whole person is something I’m really happy to be part of.”

“One interaction that continues to stick with me is when I was completing an aid project in PNG training local physio aides in a hospital. A little girl with 2 broken arms (who had travelled for 5 hours by canoe and foot with her father to get to the facility a week earlier) kept trailing closely behind me wherever I went in the hospital. When I asked if she needed something or if I could do something for her, she simply said “Nogat. Mi laik behainim yu” /”No. I like to follow you”. That little girl saw a lot of our work during our 2 weeks together and picked up some very basic understanding of hygiene, how to support injured limbs, use of mobility aids and rehab exercises. She would take that back to her village with her and utilise that knowledge. That’s what we aim to do as Physios – equip people better with tools that work for them which they can continue to use to manage pain and injury and better engage with life.”

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