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Nick Nyman –  Physiotherapist

I am passionate about advancing people’s health and function to get the most out of life in every way possible. Whether it’s elite level sport or weekend gardening, I can enable you to achieve and surpass your goals.

I assess the whole body & person to determine the exact cause of pain to ease symptoms and create a plan to prevent recurrence of the problem. I utilise a range of hands on techniques, dry needling, lifestyle advice, exercise rehabilitation and pilates-based treatments to ensure you can get back to what you love as quickly as possible. In 2021 I will be commencing my Masters of Clinical Physiotherapy to further expand my toolbox and ensure that I continue to offer the latest in evidence-based care.

I am an active sportsman and play high level Hockey for UWA hockey club as well as social tennis, lawn bowls, jogging and kiteboarding. I understand the demands of sport and I like to tailor your rehabilitation around your specific sporting needs.

I have been fortunate in my early career to work hand-in-hand with some of Perth’s top orthopaedic surgeons. As a result, I am especially experienced at pre & post-operative rehabilitation, as well as preventative rehabilitation. I love providing second opinions to try to offer solutions for your pain without the need to go under the knife.

Areas of special interest:

  • Pre & post-operative rehabilitation – shoulders, knees, hip
  • Chronic & persistent pain
  • Spinal / back pain
  • Whiplash & headaches
  • Tendon pain – tennis elbow, achilles pain, shoulder pain
  • Sporting injuries – hockey, tennis, running, water sports
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Dry needling

To make an appointment with Nick, call (08) 6389 2947 or click here to book online.

Articles by Nick:

Does My Ankle Need An X-Ray?

Does My Ankle Need An X-Ray?

But how do we know if you need an X-Ray? The Ottawa ankle rules are a series of tests used to determine if an X-Ray is required following a sprained ankle. When used by a trained professional they enable us to catch 97% of fractures.
Ankle sprains want PEACE not RICE

Ankle sprains want PEACE not RICE

Ankle sprains are extremely common, accounting for approximately 25% of all sports-related injuries. For years the acronym RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) has ruled supreme as the key to early management. However, current research suggests that PEACE is a better guide.
Pain in the arch of your foot? How to fix Plantar Fasciitis.

Pain in the arch of your foot? How to fix Plantar Fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis, pain from the plantar fascia, can be extremely debilitating impacting your walking, sport, and quality of life. But what can we do about it?
Smart Watch Features – Physio Review

Smart Watch Features – Physio Review

Here is a list of our physiotherapists favourite smart watch features and why they are important for your health.
The New Normal for MRIs of the Lower Back

The New Normal for MRIs of the Lower Back

It is often very normal when looking at MRIs of lower backs, for there to be findings that represent no threat and are not the cause of your pain. Imaging of your back should rarely be used to determine the source of your pain. Instead, it is better used to rule out any potentially sinister conditions.