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Molly Coventry – Physiotherapist

My journey into physiotherapy was inspired by my passion for exercise, sport, and movement while I was growing up. I have always loved being active, whether in the gym, team sports, surfing or just going for a hike in the beautiful environment.

I enjoy helping my clients re-engage with physical activity after experiencing pain and empowering them to meet their fitness goals. I have a particular interest in Clinical Pilates and am a firm believer in its benefits for symptom relief and injury prevention. I have personally experienced injuries which have prevented me from running and playing sport, and am very passionate in injury prevention through strength training and Pilates, and have found it game changing in my fitness journey.

Since graduating from The University of Notre Dame, I have worked in private practice setting seeing a wide variety of clients. They have ranged from athletic kids with sporting injuries, through the aches and pains from working a sedentary job, to clients with acute injuries. I have also kept a foot in the research world through working on numerous projects and beginning a PhD in 2024 investigating neural drive to the calf muscle complex.

I particularly enjoy getting to know my clients and their individual goals and needs. I look forward to working with you to help you lead a better, healthier and more pain-free life.

Away from the clinic, you’ll often find me outdoors, going surfing or scuba diving, or in the gym.

My areas of special clinical interest include:

– Low back pain
– Neck pain & headaches
– Acute ankle injuries
– Knee & hip pain
Seniors Exercise classes
Clinical Pilates classes
– Running and sports related injuries

Articles by Molly:

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