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Kayla Malone – Physiotherapist

I’m enthusiastic about providing the best physiotherapy treatment possible, to help improve long-term function and ability for my clients. 

I enjoy working with people of all ages and backgrounds, from the elderly, to local office-workers, new mums and children. I am very interested in understanding the complexity of your injury, as well as working with you to rehabilitate and prevent recurrence. 

I grew up in Perth, studied at Curtin University, and then gained experience in private practice, hospital emergency departments and community services including paediatrics and aged care. I’ve been fortunate that my career has taken me from the Wheatbelt to Oxford & Liverpool in the UK and back to  Perth. This diverse client base (over 2 continents,) has allowed me to gain a variety of skills and experience. My broad experience ranges from musculoskeletal injuries such as back and neck pain, sports & farm injuries, pre and post surgery, and children with disabilities and developmental delay.

I like to consider the body and the person as a whole, and I find this particularly useful when I am treating clients for conditions such as chronic pain. My additional treatment tools such a the Mulligans Technique, Dry Needling and Clinical Pilates mean I have a variety of ways I can help you to improve. 

Sport has always been a big part of my life. I have played both netball and hockey for over 15 years at a competitive level. If you have a sporting injury – whether you’re an elite athlete or weekend warrior – I am keen to work with you, to help get you back to your highest function and competition level.

I enjoy developing a positive relationship with each client to ensure we get the best results based on what you want to achieve.

My areas of special interest are:

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Articles by Kayla:

Common Netball Injuries

Common Netball Injuries

While some netball injuries and collisions are inevitable, there is a lot of pain that netballers put up with that they don’t have to. If you feel like your ankle or knee is being held together by a roll of tape every game, then it may be time to see one of our physiotherapists.
Osteoporosis vs Osteoarthritis

Osteoporosis vs Osteoarthritis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which the amount and quality of the bone is reduced, leading to fractures (broken bones). ​It is characterized by decreased bone mineral density and​ can produce no pain or other symptoms until a fracture has occurred. Arthritis (arth = joint; itis = inflammation) is a disease of the joints and surrounding tissue (cartilage). Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common forms of arthritis.
Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo is a sensation of spinning dizziness, as though the room/environment is spinning in circles around the person. It is a symptom and can be caused by various conditions involving the brain (central) or inner ear (peripheral).