Adam – Physiotherapist

I have been helping people recover from pain and maximise their performance for over 15 years. My practice involves a range of hands-on treatment techniques and I combine these with specific movement techniques such as Clinical Pilates, to achieve the best movement of your body.

I use dry needling extensively and have full faith in the results, especially when dealing with longstanding pain. I have recently come from working in an osteopathic clinic, and use elements of this highly specific, gentle manual philosophy.

I see the important relationship between all body structures and apply this in the way that I work; treating the body as a whole.

I am driven as a physiotherapist to help you become pain-free and achieve your optimum physical health. I have spent many years helping professional sportspeople get back on the playing field and have come to understand how much the body can achieve.

Whether you strive to complete the Rotto Swim, run up Jacob’s ladder or simply walk comfortably along the river, I will work with you and guide you in meeting your expectations.

I have considerable experience dealing with all areas of the body but have developed a strong interest in lower back pain and pain problems of the knee, ankle, and hip.

I also enjoy working with young people and the challenges of dealing with a growing body.

Areas of special interest:

To make an appointment with Adam call (08) 6389 2947 or click here to make an online booking.

Articles by Adam:

Make Working From Home A Blessing, Not A Curse

Make Working From Home A Blessing, Not A Curse

So you are now working from home! For some, this is an exciting prospect, a chance to see their family more and enjoy a more relaxed work environment. For others, however, this prospect can feel quite daunting and be logistically challenging. It's important to get a comfortable set-up to avoid neck tension, back pain, stiff joints and even knee pain.
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Not Only Runners Get Worn Out Hips

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Knee Pain? You Don’t Have To Live With It!

Knee Pain? You Don’t Have To Live With It!

Most of us don’t realise how much we rely on our knees until something goes wrong with them. Usually simple tasks, like crouching down, walking down stairs and jumping can become unachievable when we are suffering from knee pain. But don’t panic!! Most types of knee pain can be resolved quickly, without the pain, cost and inconvenience of knee surgery.