What is Osgood Schlatter disease? osgood schlatter disease physio kids

Osgood Schlatter disease is a common cause of knee pain in growing, active children and adolescents. It is due to inflammation of the shin bone growth plate where the knee cap (patella) tendon attaches.

What causes it?

Repetitive strain and microtrauma from the force applied by the knee cap (patella) tendon at the attachment site on the shin bone, causes irritation and inflammation of the growth plate. This force is increased with higher levels of activity (running, jumping, squatting, etc) and after periods of rapid growth.

Signs and symptoms:osgood schlatter disease physio kids

  • Onset late childhood or adolescence (10-15 years for boys and 8-13 years for girls)
  • Pain with running, jumping, climbing stairs, kneeling and other sports-related activities
  • Pain, tenderness or swelling at the bony point on the top of the shin bone
  • Tightness through quadriceps and hamstrings

How is Osgood Schlatter disease treated?

  • Trigger point release and soft tissue techniques to help reduce tension at muscle attachment sites
  • Taping/bracing strategies to help offload the knee
  • Strengthening exercises to maintain muscle strength without placing too much load and muscle/tendon attachment sites (such as our Clinical Movement Therapy classes)
  • Specific advice on activity modification/load management from your physiotherapist

Osgood Schlatter disease can last for 12-24 months however symptoms will generally resolve once the child’s skeleton matures and the growth plates are fused.

It is important to have an assessment by a physiotherapist who has experience with children’s conditions in order to make an accurate diagnosis and exclude other injuries such as growth plate fractures, ligament/tendon injuries, muscle strains, etc.

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