The Moderation Movement (started in 2014 by Jodie Arnot (healthy balance fitness) and Zoe Nicholson (figureate dietetics) are on a mission to counter all the hype and promote a healthy enjoyment of all food and encourage exercise for enjoyment, not punishment. They also have a strong focus on body image and supporting people to feel fit and healthy within a diverse range of body shapes and sizes.

They have some great tips to think about your attitude to health and wellness. Some of these include:

  • A mindful enjoyment of all foods and enjoyment of food for both nourishment and pleasure
  • Exercise for enjoyment, never punishment
  • Set wellness goals that don’t focus on appearance or size
  • Don’t shame others for their lifestyle choices or appearance
  • There is more than one way to achieve wellness.

The following video is a quick guide on how to improve your relationship with exercise.

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Improve your relationship with exercise

In my 18 years in the fitness industry, I've learned people with a complicated relationship with physical activity are more common than people with a balanced approach.I meet people who feel compelled to push themselves to do exercise they don't enjoy, and feel guilty or anxious if they take a day off. I also meet people who detest 'exercise' for many reasons and avoid it.In this video, I provide just some tips for healing your relationship with moving your body.One of the first steps is to simply think of it as movement, rather than 'exercise'.- Jodie, Healthy Balance Fitness

Posted by The Moderation Movement on Tuesday, August 23, 2016