Bodywise has changed it’s name to Wisdom Physiotherapy Claremont, we are still at 2/26 Brown Street.

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At Wisdom Physio Claremont (previously called Bodywise Physio), we understand that every person’s body is different. We take the time to understand the underlying causes of your injury and what you want to achieve. We do this by looking at the body as a whole, and combining both hands-on treatments with specific exercises and advice to ensure you get the best results. So if you’re in pain, have an injury, or looking to improve your mobility and strength, you have come to the right place!

  • Experienced, friendly team – the needs of you and your family are important to us
  • Whole-body approach; combining hands-on treatment with movement therapy
  • Large Gymnasium and Pilates studio on site.
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Feel supported on your journey to improve your health and wellbeing.

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  • Back & shoulder issues
  • Headaches & neck tension
  • Hips & knees
  • Chronic pain
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  • Over 50 classes each week
  • Clinical Pilates inspired exercise
  • Yoga for Arthritis

Articles by our team

There’s Nothing Hip About Hip Pain!

There’s Nothing Hip About Hip Pain!

Lateral hip pain is characterised by tenderness around the bony outer part of the hip, and can be particularly debilitating when it starts to affect your sleep and activities of everyday life.
What is BPPV?

What is BPPV?

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo(BPPV) is the most common vestibular disorder. Many people suffer from it without realising that it can be treatable. BPPV occurs when small calcium crystals, known as otoconia, become dislodged from their usual location within the inner ear. These crystals can enter one of the three semicircular canals, disrupting the normal flow of fluid and sending false signals to the brain about head movement and orientation, resulting in a brief sensation of vertigo.
Buttocks Pain and Piriformis Syndrome

Buttocks Pain and Piriformis Syndrome

Experiencing buttock pain? It could be linked to the piriformis muscle, located deep in the buttocks and extending from the sacrum (tail bone) to the hip. This muscle, present on both sides, has the sciatic nerve passing through it in around 90% of individuals. As a consequence, problems with the piriformis can mimic sciatica, causing discomfort.
Is your rib contributing to your neck and shoulder pain?

Is your rib contributing to your neck and shoulder pain?

The first rib protects the upper portion of our lungs and serves as an important attachment site for several muscles from the neck and shoulder.
Clinical Pilates for Arthritis

Clinical Pilates for Arthritis

Clinical Pilates is exercise and exercise is well supported and widely recommended as a vital part of your arthritis management. As you are probably aware, the levels of pain and function with arthritic joints change depending on many factors: your activity the previous day, the weather, your overall wellness…or for no identifiable reason in particular. The nature of Clinical Pilates with modifiable positions and loads means there is always something beneficial to be offered on any day, no matter how you present.
Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo is a sensation of spinning dizziness, as though the room/environment is spinning in circles around the person. It is a symptom and can be caused by various conditions involving the brain (central) or inner ear (peripheral).
How to improve your balance and prevent falls

How to improve your balance and prevent falls

Good balance helps prevent falls, which can lead to severe injury and loss of confidence. Fortunately, it can be improved through a combination of targeted exercises and lifestyle changes.
When Period Pain is Not Normal: The Role of a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

When Period Pain is Not Normal: The Role of a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

For many individuals, experiencing some level of discomfort during their menstrual cycle is considered normal. However, it's important to recognize when period pain goes beyond the typical discomfort and is a sign of an underlying issue