Bodywise has changed it’s name to Wisdom Physiotherapy Claremont, we are still at 2/26 Brown Street.

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At Wisdom Physio Claremont (previously called Bodywise Physio), we understand that every person’s body is different. We take the time to understand the underlying causes of your injury and what you want to achieve. We do this by looking at the body as a whole, and combining both hands-on treatments with specific exercises and advice to ensure you get the best results. So if you’re in pain, have an injury, or looking to improve your mobility and strength, you have come to the right place!

  • Experienced, friendly team – the needs of you and your family are important to us
  • Whole-body approach; combining hands-on treatment with movement therapy
  • Large Gymnasium and Pilates studio on site.
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  • Back pain/sciatica

Feel supported on your journey to improve your health and wellbeing.

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41 Hampden Road, Nedlands

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  • Back & shoulder issues
  • Headaches & neck tension
  • Hips & knees
  • Chronic pain
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  • Over 50 classes each week
  • Clinical Pilates inspired exercise
  • Yoga for Arthritis

Articles by our team

Clinical Pilates for Arthritis

Clinical Pilates for Arthritis

Clinical Pilates is exercise and exercise is well supported and widely recommended as a vital part of your arthritis management. As you are probably aware, the levels of pain and function with arthritic joints change depending on many factors: your activity the previous day, the weather, your overall wellness…or for no identifiable reason in particular. The nature of Clinical Pilates with modifiable positions and loads means there is always something beneficial to be offered on any day, no matter how you present.
Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo is a sensation of spinning dizziness, as though the room/environment is spinning in circles around the person. It is a symptom and can be caused by various conditions involving the brain (central) or inner ear (peripheral).
How to improve your balance and prevent falls

How to improve your balance and prevent falls

Good balance helps prevent falls, which can lead to severe injury and loss of confidence. Fortunately, it can be improved through a combination of targeted exercises and lifestyle changes.
When Period Pain is Not Normal: The Role of a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

When Period Pain is Not Normal: The Role of a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

For many individuals, experiencing some level of discomfort during their menstrual cycle is considered normal. However, it's important to recognize when period pain goes beyond the typical discomfort and is a sign of an underlying issue
Plantar Fasciosis

Plantar Fasciosis

Plantar fasciosis (previously called plantar fasciitis) is a common problem in the foot. It causes pain underneath the foot, usually starting at the heel and can travel towards the toes. It was previously thought to be an inflammatory condition, but now is thought to be more of a degenerative process.
Knee Pain? You Don’t Have To Live With It!

Knee Pain? You Don’t Have To Live With It!

Most of us don’t realise how much we rely on our knees until something goes wrong with them. Usually simple tasks, like crouching down, walking down stairs and jumping can become unachievable when we are suffering from knee pain. But don’t panic!! Most types of knee pain can be resolved quickly, without the pain, cost and inconvenience of knee surgery.
Clinical Pilates: not just for the young, but for the young at heart!

Clinical Pilates: not just for the young, but for the young at heart!

Clinical Pilates utilises movement and awareness to enhance your brain's natural ability to learn new movement patterns. Research into Neuroplasticity indicates that the brain has lifelong potential for growth and acquiring new skills, so you’re never too old to learn! Here are the benefits of Clinical Pilates if you’re over 60...
Lower Back Pain – what causes it?

Lower Back Pain – what causes it?

Lower back pain may present in a number of ways depending on the underlying causes. Common symptoms may include a dull ache, shooting or piercing pain, or a burning sensation. Pain may be just in your back or radiate into your buttock, groin, legs or feet. You may also experience pins and needles or numbness in the buttock, legs or feet.