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What is GLAD?

GLA:D®, Good Life with osteoArthritis: Denmark, is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms.

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GLA:D® Education and exercises provided can be applied to everyday activities, ensuring participants develop skills to self-manage their osteoarthritis.


By strengthening and improving confidence with exercise, participants develop better capacity to become or stay active, prevent symptom progression and reduce pain.”

The Program:

The program is designed to reduce the symptoms and discomfort of osteoarthritis in the hip and knee. Research and treatment guidelines suggest exercise, education and weight control are the most effective first-line treatments for osteoarthritis.

There are 12 supervised exercise sessions over 6 weeks, and 2 education sessions.  Each session – education and exercise – will take about 60 minutes.  These sessions are run by Physiotherapists who have been trained by GLA:D® Australia.

The program involves:

  • An initial appointment to explain the program and measure your current function
  • Two education sessions that teach you about OA, its risk factors, treatment options and self-management strategies
  • Group exercise sessions twice a week for six weeks to improve your control, confidence and strength in the joint
  • A review at three months to discuss your progress and goals and re-measure your functional ability
  • Completion of a questionnaire on registration with the program, and then again at three and 12 months after registration to measure changes in areas such as pain, function, quality of life, and medication use

Is GLAD Suitable For Me?

GLAD is a program for all individuals who experience any hip and/or knee osteoarthritis symptoms, regardless of severity. You may participate in the program if you have a hip or knee joint problem that resulted in visiting a health care provider.

Getting Started:

To get started with our GLAD Physios in Claremont, come along to one of our FREE information sessions (bookings essential). Click here to secure your spot.

Following this you will need to have a 45 min initial assessment with our GLA:D certified Physiotherapist – Angela Sullivan

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GLAD physio
GLAD physio hip and knee exercise class claremont
GLAD hip and knee exercise class claremont physio
GLAD hip and knee exercise class claremont physio
GLAD claremont physio