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While movement looks effortless, there is a lot of hard work behind those swan arms. Only a dancer knows how many hours of training at the bar is required to create flawless movement.However, often talented students (combined with hard work), will hit a point where their body plateaus and the sweet idea of perfection turns sour. That’s where Clinical Pilates for Dancers can help.

we create specific programs for dance techniques

Fouetté, jetté, arabesque, attitude and 5,6,7,8

There is a reason why teachers urge their students to partake in body conditioning to develop strong technique and aesthetic.

Over the years, Clinical Pilates has proven its effectiveness for improving muscular strength, flexibility, and injury prevention without neglecting the artistic component.

At Wisdom Physiotherapy, we create specific programs very similar to dance techniques that help you achieve proper alignment and muscle recruitment. We do this while activating those “hard to get” deep stabilising muscles.

There is also increased awareness about the importance of neuromuscular rehabilitation in order to improve functional activities such as “grand plié or battement”.

Clinical Pilates puts emphasis on the aesthetic of a flowing body  movement

As a dancer, you will be easily charmed by the exercises since both Clinical Pilates and dance puts emphasis on the aesthetic of a flowing body movement.

At Wisdom Physiotherapy Nedlands & Claremont, our Clinical Pilates programs are all personalised, providing fast and long-term results. Your program is specific to you, with exercises selected by our Physiotherapists for what your body needs. Click here to read more about our expert Dance Physio Vicki Negus.

To make an appointment, call our Claremont physio clinic on (08) 9384 1555 or our Nedlands physio clinic on (08) 6389 2947.

Dance Physiotherapists

Dr Vicki Negus (FACP)

Dr Vicki Negus (FACP)

Specialist Sports Physiotherapist

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