Clinical Pilates: not just for the young, but for the young at heart!

Clinical Pilates for Seniors

Clinical Pilates utilises movement and awareness to enhance your brain’s natural ability to learn new movement patterns. Research into Neuroplasticity indicates that the brain has lifelong potential for growth and acquiring new skills, so you’re never too old to learn!clinical pilates for seniors perth nedlands Wisdom Physiotherapy

What are the Benefits of Clinical Pilates if You’re Over 60?

  1. Improved overall strength, maintenance of muscle & bone density: One of the biggest causes of lack of mobility and reduction in your freedom to move is a lack of strength. Age only has a minor impact on strength. Clinical Pilates is excellent for building strength, in a safe, controlled and supervised environment.
  2. Improved balance & reduce risk of falls: Our programs have a strong element of exercises that assist with improving your balance as well as strength. Our programs enable us to prescribe an exercise interventions that are simple, modifiable, and sustainable.
  3. Improved quality of life: The biggest and most important reason for doing Clinical Pilates is that you will find that the things you want to do with your life such as, gardening, looking after your grandkids, going travelling, playing golf/tennis will become easier and your body should not limit you in doing these activities
  4. Challenge your agility and coordination! You either use it, or you lose it. Clinical Pilates can work your muscles hard, while putting little impact on your joints.

What’s Involved?

After your initial, full body assessment, we will customise your Clinical Pilates program to meet your individual goals and needs. You can then join one of our small Clinical Pilates class once or twice a week (ideally twice a week) and each session is supervised, controlled and monitored by our Physiotherapists, to make sure all exercises meet your needs.

All classes can be claimed on your private health insurance if you have extras cover. 

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