By Carin Penberthy, Physiotherapist

Calf strengthening is not only a common denominator in alot of lower limb rehabilitation programs, but also plays an important role in lower limb mechanics, as well as a key aspect of injury prevention for certain lower limb injuries.

There are five good reasons why calf strengthening is important.

1. The calf helps with shock absorption on landing, in both running and jumping sports, hence strengthening this muscle group, assists with shock absorption on landing.

2. The calf plays a role in forward and vertical propulsion with running and jumping sports respectively, hence calf strengthening will assist in power and performance.

3. Calf strengthening is an important component of injury rehabilitation for a number of injures directly related to the calf such as achilles tendon issues, calf muscle tears or ankle sprains.

4. Calf strengthening plays a major role in lower limb biomechanics and is a common exercise given for rehabilitation program for knee, hip and lower back injuries. Increasing calf strengthening may assist to offload the injured area.

5. Calf strengthening helps prevent certain injuries such as achilles tendon injuries or calf muscle tears, where fatigue and lack of strength/endurance in the calf may be a contributing factor to injury.

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